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Components / Modules
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TOPS/ERP - Comprehensive solution for Apparel Manufacturing Industry

TOPS/ERP (Total Order Processing System) is Microsoft Windows based Enterprise Resource Planning Software which has the ubiquitous power to link every department of any garment factory or group of factories, thus ensuring our customers of up-to-date technology.

Designed and built specifically for the garment industry by people who know it inside out, TOPS/ERP assures you of a solution that is not just effective, efficient and comprehensive, but one that is custom built for your organization.

This Web Enhanced system comes with multi tiered security features, works on real time or otherwise, makes information available anytime, anywhere, through the replication capabilities.

Functional and effective at every level.

TOPS/ERP is a fully integrated software system able to space boundaries, so effecting synergy at all levels.

There would be instances when a CEO would need to monitor profit, productivity, quality etc., Facts and figures are readily at his disposal and could be accessed in sharp focus.

The decision making process becomes simpler, faster and more pleasant for the management, as it minimizes the duplicity of data to a large extent.
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Components / Modules

TOPS/ERP is made up of following components or modules. Developed on a modular component structure, Tops encompasses 9 key functional areas.

The management of the merchandising process becomes more effective through TOPS/ERP due to its streamline operations through the Critical Path Analysis of an order. Communication with buyers becomes efficient due to the availability of WIP and ASN within the system
Purchasing and Stores

The hazards of maintaining stocks are greatly reduced as TOPS/ERP introduces strict procedures for recording stock movements. Online reconciliation is available within the system as well as the notification of stocks below re-order levels
Factory /Production

TOPS can efficiently plan and monitor the productions. Its centralized planning tool enables the optimization of factory capacity utilization
Industrial Engineering

It is a system that controls the recording of efficiencies and also has the ability to store machine layouts. This module allows you to keep track of style histories with detailed operation breakdowns.
Quality Control

The QC module allows maintain factory and buyer AQL's and fabric inspection details

TOP/ERP enables you to develop your necessary documentation accurately and with lighting speed, whilst adhering to all BOI and customs quality and control standards.

Complete financial Management solution, adhering to accounting standards. The Finance module within TOPS/ERP facilitates Multi Company, multi currency and open periods, whilst providing comprehensive financial and costing analysis.
Fixed Assets

Allows an organization to track down all machine movements including machines taken and given on loan.

The Payroll and HRD module is time card integrated, empowering you complete control of overtime. It also calculates production and attendance incentives.
System Requirements


Server- Pentium III or later; 256 MB RAM; 10 GB HDD
Client - Pentium 333 or later; 64 MB RAM; 6.4 GB HDD

Server - Windows NT 4.0 or later; Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.04 or later
Client - Windows 98 or later

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