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Record Management

Global organizations face significant challenges in determining when electronic and paper-based documents should be classified as records. Once deemed a record, its lifecycle can range from the simple to the complex, with critical risk factors that determine when to preserve vital records and when to dispose of obsolete or irrelevant ones. Should a document live forever? It’s a question with many answers, determined by the record’s associated impact with government regulations, industry compliance issues, and litigious arenas — as well as by the consequences of knowledge assets lost forever from corporate memory. Today’s enterprise records management requirements demand that legacy paper-based records be administered in tandem with the records electronically generated throughout the organization. Strategic records management solutions simplify users’ classification and research tasks so that they have the information they need to do their jobs, when and where they need it; and such solutions minimize the time spent by administrators to maintain the file plan, oversee inventories, and process long-term storage or scheduled destruction routines. Our RM solution extends upon our Document Management Solution to incorporate comprehensive lifecycle management of paper and electronic records, helping companies to establish methods for the organization, handling, and disposition of corporate information.

Business Benefits:

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), thereby increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).
Improved business information access for decision making by providing streamlined information flow.

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